Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.

-Henry Ford

Ken Causey

Ken has been involved in the downtown development since the inception of the Forge. He’s a founding member of The Forge, and co-founder of HQ Greensboro. He lives in the SouthSide neighborhood and got involved in this project because he couldn’t wait any longer for fiber speeds.

Mack Allison

Mack is one of the original two founding members of The Forge. He currently manages the network for The Forge, HQ Greensboro, and commercial clients throughout the Triad region.  He has been working with Linux and open networking technologies since the early days of public internet.  Currently climbing towers and gaining perspective of how we can help the Triad get better bandwidth.

Will Pharr

 Will has spent the past four years in both national and regional medical sales roles  and is excited to be focusing on his community.  He met Mack and Ken during his time at HQ and has aligned with them to bring better internet to residents in the triad.