Brand New Infrastructure

It’s time to connect to the Internet using a network that was built just for that purpose. The TV network was not built for carrying Internet. Cables and junctions were laid 40 years ago for the purpose of delivering sitcoms, news and music videos. 

Our network is built from the ground up for stability, reliability, low latency, and scalability into the future. 

Hybrid Fiber & Fixed Wireless

We are using a combination of fiber and fixed wireless to deliver next-generation networks today.

Our wireless systems are purpose built gigabit backhaul systems to deliver the shortest possible connection to Internet.

It’s all battery and generator backed and monitored 24/7 from our engineering offices in Downtown Greensboro.


Better Home Hardware

 All of our home installations include in home hardware suitable for a 1500 sq ft house at no additional cost. 

Our technicians can evaluate your larger home or office and specific needs and help you get the coverage you need. 

 We also support customers using their own network hardware if they prefer.

IPv6 To The Core

We are building the network with IPv6 at the core of everything. This dramatically improves performance and stability for those cloud applications which are ready to take advantage of it.

Real time communications and other two-way applications demand end-to-end connectivity. IPv6 restores that, allowing two way real time communication to flow more freely. This especially improves online gaming and video calling.